Best credits for master’s degree

Master credits have general contracting conditions that are more beneficial to their interests, mainly due to their repayment terms, the lower number of commissions or the period of lack they can qualify for, although the interest they apply is not a “bargain” for its plaintiffs, standing in a range that ranges between 7% and 11%.

The masters are becoming one of the most successful formulas to complete the training of university students, and hence there are many students who opt for this educational model to expand their studies and have a better starting line to find a job.

Despite the high prices


That these higher courses have is a brake to join them, in some cases limited by the narrowness of their domestic economies. A public master’s degree in Spain can cost up to 23,000 dollars, while if you make disbursement in a private entity you can even double that amount.

Not in vain many of its plaintiffs have to take advantage of a financing channel with which banks and savings banks have to face their high expenses and be able to pay them in several years.

Although the general contracting conditions are very beneficial for their claimants due to the repayment terms, the lower number of commissions or the period of lack that include these products, the interest rates that apply are not something other than a magic recipe to subscribe them since they are very far from the “soft” credits, in a strip that oscillates between 7% and 11%. To this we must add some commissions that these bank designs can entail (opening and cancellation or early amortization, mainly) that can make it more expensive by about 2%.

Best credits for master

Best credits for master

If these credits for students are distinguished by some characteristic, it is because they are mostly marketed by banks and savings banks, which do not save efforts to present them to their clients. Good Finance contemplates the “ Master Loan ” to finance the tuition and the extra expenses of maintenance and travel among other expenses, of the programs offered within the demarcation of the Galician community.

For this, it offers them at an interest rate of 7.95%, for an amount of between 3,000 and 25,000 dollars, which can be amortized from 12 months to 5 years at the maximum term and that do not involve commissions. Good Credit also incorporates this way of financing in its offer, and that this time it provides it for a greater amount, of up to 60,000 dollars depending on the duration of these higher courses, with a maximum repayment term of 8 years, in the An optional grace period of up to 2 years is included.

Advances up to 50,000 dollars, which can be returned within a period of 10 years, which includes a period of lack, total capital and interest, up to 24 months. Fine Bank, for its part, presents them for those students who have finished their studies and wish to continue complementing their training, both in academies and in private centers.

It generates a financing of 18,000 dollars as a limit, with a repayment term that reaches 8 years, and with a possible lack of up to 3 years. You can hire a fixed interest rate (at 11%) or Euribor variable at 1 year + 7%. Moreover, this proposal also incorporates an opening commission of 1.25%.

What do these credits offer me?

What do these credits offer me?

  • It allows university students to have financing of up to 60,000 dollars, which can be repaid in a maximum period of 10 years.
  • The issuing entities apply an interest that moves between 7% and 11%, to which you can add the possible commissions that these products may present.
  • The goodness of these banking designs is that they have a period of lack that can reach 2 years.
  • The offer is aimed at both public and private centers, either in the national territory or abroad.
  • In many cases, expenses related to the training activity (maintenance, material, etc.) are also usually included.
  • They are very similar models that usually commercialize most banks.

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